Dear USPS, Ever Heard of Customer SERVICE?

I didn’t want to send this letter, but I’ve had enough of other people lying and not doing their jobs. It’s 2,000+ words of hatred and aggravation directed at a time honored service. I’m posting it here because I don’t think the USPS takes delivery seriously- I know they don’t because you can’t call them to tell them- their escalation method is, I swear on the life of my Mother- to SEND A LETTER. The call centers can’t do anything. You MUST send them a letter. I also don’t think that sending it Priority Mail Express, Insured w/ Signature Required will actually get delivered. Read on for more information. Updates will be posted at the bottom of the post.

This is the letter that is going into the USPS system of lost mail and mentally incapable sorting centers in the New York City area on April 7th 2015. It probably won’t get where it’s going so the content of the letter is here so the whole world can see how inept the USPS has gotten. After reading this you’ll understand my intense frustration with not getting what I paid for and then having to resort to letters like this for any kind of satisfaction.

If, on the off chance it does get delivered, I’ll post an update with any response they think can make things better.

Oh and for the record, names and personally identifying information HAVE NOT been removed. The guilty parties are guilty and should suffer the shame of not doing their jobs.
April 6, 2015

PO BOX 9631
WHITE PLAINS NY 10610-9631

Dear Consumer Advocate/Affairs Office,

I am a small business located in Suffern, NY, 10901. I am proud to be a small business owner and I used to be proud to use a time honored method of getting my products to my customers- the grand USPS.

I rely on you, the USPS for what I want to say is a reliable delivery service.

Sadly the USPS isn’t reliable at this time. You may be the least cost delivery method, but reliable, no. I have to send products out several times before your system can figure out how to get them to their destination.

Here’s a recent sad case in point. I sent a Priority Mail Flat Rate envelope on March 19th 2015, tracking number 9405511899562591714946. It was destined to go 34.6 miles from my door to the destination address in New York City. As of April 1st, 2015, it’s been going in circles OR sitting in post offices it should never have been at. No one knows why it wasn’t delivered. Every time I call your customer service hot line they tell me that a delivery attempt was made. No, it wasn’t. There is a 24 hour door man at the building. There is NO WAY that the post office couldn’t get in the building at 8:52 AM in the morning. I’ve asked for redelivery attempts several times. NO ATTEMPTS HAVE BEEN MADE. I’ve opened an insurance case. NO ONE HAS CONTACTED ME. This is what you call reliable service? Seriously?

In the end I had to hand deliver a duplicate item on the 25th of March because you couldn’t. I delivered it to the building’s front desk at 6AM. That’s because THERE IS A 24 HOUR DOOR MAN WHO LET ME IN, just like he’d let a letter carrier in at 8:52 AM when you supposedly attempted to deliver it originally. I’d like to be reimbursed for the $30 that I spent on cabs and subway fair because I had to hand deliver this item due to your carrier’s ineptitude. What did he do with the rest of the mail that day? Did no one in the entire building get any mail that day? Really?

Even your web site said (still says!) ONE DAY DELIVERY with an estimate of days go. It’s been WAY OVER 10 days. This feature of the website needs to be removed. It sets expectations that are flat out wrong. You and I know it is an estimate. Customers don’t know this and you can’t blame the weather on this one either.

Add to this silly example the fact that I now find out, on April 1st, 2015 that all the cases listed below are missing information that I entered into your website. Specifically, they don’t have associated tracking numbers. Some customer service rep from phone number 914-697-7025 called me and said that none of those cases had tracking numbers. THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE. You CANNOT submit cases on YOUR WEBSITE WITHOUT TRACKING NUMBERS. Since your website is clearly not working (I’m not surprised), I’ll have to give you a list of tracking numbers for each case in this letter. Assuming you get this letter, maybe I’ll get some confirmation of delivery.

Now, upon arrival at home on the afternoon of April 1st, I get a call from Ms. Hernendez at the Planetarium post office at phone number 212-873-3702. She said this is the first she’s heard of this issue with this particular package. Her office received this PRIORITY MAIL item on March 23rd and has been sitting on it since then- no redelivery, no return to sender. It’s just sitting in her sorting center. When she finally answered her phone I explained that this is not acceptable and that there is no possible way this PRIORITY MAIL item could not be delivered at 8:52 AM BECAUSE THERE IS A 24 HOUR DOOR MAN at the destination address. She assured me that she is not a letter carrier and is in fact a supervisor (who clearly needs training on customer service) that it will be delivered by April 2nd.

(As a side note, today is April 6th 2015 and parcel w/ tracking number 9405511899562591714946 STILL has not been delivered, Ms. Hernendez needs to be fired. She lied to me. Flat out lied, multiple times she assured me that it would be delivered. LIES. She said it would be delivered last week, tracking information shows as of April 6th, 2015 NO ADDITIONAL ATTEMPTS AT DELIVERY HAVE BEEN MADE. I want my money back and I want the parcel delivered ASAP.)

This is just one of many examples of how even locally delivered items go in circles and take excessive amounts of time for delivery and/or don’t get delivered and when I call the post office responsible for it I get attitude AND NO SATISFACTION OR SERVICE.

Take for example that, according to your own employees, items with tracking should be scanned into the system at each sort point. The Kearny NJ sort center in my area seems to forget how this works. ALL of the items I ship go through this sort point. Look at the information on tracking number 9400111899562503093036 or 9400111899562506960472. BOTH when through the Kearny, NJ center. Nether were scanned. They were “lost” until they ended up at their destination post offices. This panics my customers and annoys me because I can’t confidently reassure them that I actually shipped their items! This makes me look bad and triggers letters like this one.

On March 27th, 2015, I filed 9 missing or lost reports on your website and made several calls to your “customer service” phone number and I’ve spend several hours on hold wading through your insufferable phone system.

Will I get a response to any of the cases I’ve opened? Not likely. Why? You treat your paying customers like your packages. You ignore them. Here are my open cases just in case you really care enough to check on them:

HQ122386313, HQ122386219, HQ122386179, HQ122386487, HQ122386270, HQ122386121 ,HQ122386353, HQ122386377, CA122386819

As mentioned earlier, all of these cases are missing tracking numbers (I only found this out 5 days later because your confirmation page after submission does not summarize my submission). This is not because I didn’t enter them on the website. I HAD to enter them because your web form REQUIRES it when reporting delivery issues for parcels WITH TRACKING NUMBERS. So here is a list of tracking numbers that you need to research and find out why they haven’t been delivered: 9400111899561482015145, LJ678413598US, 9400111899562880392807, 9400111899562832978714, 9400111899562430472829, 9400111899562509297759

Where are they? Have they been delivered and if so why weren’t they scanned as such? Are they lost? Who knows? Not the USPS and if they do know, their website won’t tell me.
I am writing this letter because I’ve had enough. Some of your staff go above and beyond. I wish I could give you all of their names because they deserve credit (Yolanda at the post office in zip code 10034, phone number 212-567-7821 is a perfect example of an excellent USPS employee. She answers the phone and returns calls when there are problems. She deserves a raise.). Most of you however should lose your jobs. If I did my job the way many of your employees do I would be unemployed. If my website LOST data like yours does I’d be out of business. If I hid from my customers where there is a problem I wouldn’t have any customers.

I send and receive over 3,500 parcels (over 3,000 sent with tracking last year and with any luck we’re going to double that this year.) through your service every year and a great percentage are lost, delayed, damaged and untraceable. Despite the fact that every one of them has insurance AND tracking numbers.

The whole purpose of tracking numbers is….wait for it…to track the progress of a package! Imagine that! I don’t expect a package’s tracking information to be updated while it’s in transit. I do however expect that when it is first received at the post office or sorting center that it is scanned. Acknowledgement that it was received goes a long way to assuring a customer that you intend on delivering it. But as I’ve demonstrated with the tracking numbers above, this isn’t always done.

To make my experience with the USPS even worse, the USPS delivers many damaged packages to my own home/office. I order no less than 300 items and at least as many packages are delivered from and other on-line retailers yearly. Recently, they (Amazon) had to redeliver an item THREE TIMES because your delivery system abuses packages.
This isn’t just a bent letter or a crushed box. I’m talking about visibly leaking liquids from boxes. One of your carriers had the nerve to not just deliver a visibly leaking package a second time, but he left it on the door step in one of your plastic USPS bins (The bin was full of oil leaking from the package, want me to return that to you?).

LEAKING PACKAGES SHOULD NOT BE DELIVERED. Never! Here are the tracking numbers so you can see what I mean. 9361289949055149811697, 9361289949084138899453, 9361289949084138278982. I would be happy to provide photos. I keep photographic records of all leaking packages that land on my door step.

Let us ignore the fact that packages with visibly leaking contents should be quarantined, but DELIVERED LEAKING TO MY DOOR STEP further creates a mess on my door step and a potential haz-mat situation. I wonder what the EPA would say if they knew you left a pool of oil on my door step?

All of this pales in comparison to your escalation process which must be the worst in the history of customer service. I can’t even call you. I have to deliver a written letter to you via your own broken delivery service to contact you. That’s a MAJOR CUSTOMER SERVICE ISSUE. That’s just one of my problems with the USPS. Your call centers log the call and no one calls back for days and when they do they don’t have all the information I provided!

Can you imagine if your postal sorting equipment broke down and you couldn’t call for support? Imagine if you had to MAIL A SUPPORT LETTER to your support providers to tell them the very system that delivers the support request is broken. How would that make you feel? Would you continue to do business with them? Sure you can call “first level” support, but it turns out that they can’t do anything but create a ticket that someone may pay attention to.

This letter is being sent via your most expensive and supposedly most reliable service. I expect to get the money back from you that I spent sending this. Why? I shouldn’t have had to send it. I should have a phone number to call, but sadly the USPS would rather lose the complaints against it instead of answer the phone and own up to criticism regarding problems with the very system it was chartered to run.

Even my small company has a phone number for customer service and email and a mailing address. Every single call we get is answered. We don’t hide behind a huge call center because we may get criticized. That’s irresponsible and makes customers less likely to work with you when there is a problem and it certainly makes repeat business a tough sell.

Rest assured, this letter, irrespective of its delivery to the so called “Consumer Advocates/Affairs” in my district will be posted on the internet for all to see. People need to understand why the USPS is in the situation it is in. They need to know why their packages get lost or get damaged.

Unfortunately for my company we have no choice but to use your services because you are the least expensive for the products we make. I will continue to file complaints and claims when you lose my packages. Like I tell my own customers, if you don’t tell me, I can’t help fix it.

The USPS can be the best letter and parcel delivery service. I know they can. This is America. If UPS and FedEx can do it so can you.

Please address my issues. Please work harder. Please be more accessible. Please TRAIN your employees better. Please be consistent. You are ultimately responsible to your customers. We’re the ones that pay your salaries and we should get what we pay for- without us you don’t get paid. Leaking packages, lost packages and no way to resolve issues are not how you treat paying customers—especially if you want repeat business.

Jeff Williams
Owner Operator
JnM Vinyl Studio, Inc.
5 Revere Court Unit 2613
Suffern, New York, 10901

4/10/15- much to my surprise, the letter was delivered on 4/8/15 and was signed for! But, as you’d expect, no response yet. Even more surprising is the fact that is was signed for at 7:39AM. I’m shocked anyone was there.

So I continue to wait for a response. The package that went to NYC referenced in the letter STILL has not been delivered and no attempt has been made. A continued epic fail by the post office.

4/24/15- still no response. No email, letter or phone call. Guess the USPS doesn’t care. Anyone surprised?

6/12/15- guess what? NO RESPONSE. The USPS needs to rethink customer service. Case closed as far as I’m concerned. They really need to pay attention to customers. Next time I won’t be so nice.

One thought on “Dear USPS, Ever Heard of Customer SERVICE?

  1. Oh please I feel your pain. I tried to get through to USPS Customer Service 800 number. A prerecorded message said my hold time was approximately 1 hour.

    My iPhone times the calls I was on hold 1 Hr 59 minutes and counting.

    My issue I put mail on hold and it kept being delivered. Then they held the mail and wouldn’t start it again. When I wanted it delivered, it wasn’t over the course of several days. I even went on line to do a cancellation of the mail hold and to deliver ASAP.

    Again nothing. I even went to the Post Office in person to get the mail and undelivered packages. I spoke to a Postal Employee, behind the counter, who asked me if I wanted to take the HOLD OFF my Mail, and I said YES! Still NO mail delivered.

    Several days later still NO MAIL. I finally got thru to my local post office and spoke to an Employee, at 2 minutes to 5pm. He informed me that even after I spoke to a Employee several days before and said, DELIVER MY MAIL, I was now being told it wasn’t because the original request by me said I would pick up the Hold Mail in PERSON.


    I tried for two days straight to contact my local post office by phone from 9am to 5pm. It rang 12-15 times and then s prerecorded message said put in your Access Code. No doubt for the employees but not the public.

    Calling 15-20 times s day for two days.

    Then in exasperation I tried the 800#. When you call the 800 number you are supposed to be able to Release the “Hold on your Mail,” by answering some questions.

    The main question you must answer or go NO further is to “Speak your

    Well I had the number and I tried over 12 times even changing my voice and dial the same recording several times hoping for a break.

    You see the CONFORMATION NUMBER begins with the letters “MOH.”
    That’s “M” as in Mary
    “O” as in Oscar,
    H as in Harry.
    MOH, followed by numbers.

    Well no matter how many times I spoke the letters, calling several different times and EVEN CHANGING MY VOICE, the automated female Voice kept repeating back the incorrect first letters of the Conformation Number.
    I spoke CLEARLY “MOH.
    The automated female voice replied

    I kept trying and trying and she kept saying “L”, not “M”. Do the letters sound alike, I think not.

    With each repeated attempt and each repeated redialing of the number to try, the voice COULD NOT reply MOH.

    Then the voice would refer you to the 800 number and at the time I couldn’t hold one hour to get through.

    However the next day I did HOLD for TWO HOURS, NOT ONE HOUR.

    I honestly didn’t believe anyone would actually answer the 800# after almost TWO hours but they did.

    I explained the situation.

    They must of gotten in touch with my local post office after I told the 800 Representative that it was unacceptable with what was happening with my mail.

    Then I ended up in the hospital for 4-5 days and the mail, according to my brother still took two more days.

    What can I say. I say no more as it’s all beyond me.

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