So who am I? I’m Jeff. I live in New York state just west of the city. I’m an IT guy by trade. I program, support and engineer IT solutions for a well known domestic yarn manufacturer. I am also the owner and operator of JnM Vinyl Studio, Inc. I make cut decals for all kinds of purposes and pride myself in using only American made materials. Only the best from the best!

At home I’m an RC Helicopter pilot and maker (mostly Arduino). I fly Align 500’s and a Thunder Tiger E500 w/ an aftermarket aluminum flybar head.

I also like electronics with a focus on the Arduino and RaspberryPi platforms. In past lives I’ve messed with the PIC. The PIC just wasn’t for me and at the time Arduino didn’t exist.

Now that I have the itch to start developing hardware so the Arduino appeals to me- mainly because it is VERY easy to connect to a network- I love networking.

Combine the Arduino and the RaspberryPi with my love of measuring, quantifying and tracking everything and it should be clear that this platform is perfect for that.  I hope to cover all of my projects that are worth sharing, answer your questions and help direct you to all the resources I’ve dug up on the internet.

This blog also serves as my own knowledge base. I keep a lot of how-to stuff that I’ve written and rewrites of other items that I’ve used.

As always if you have questions, please email me!

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