Astronomy and the Skies!

Looking for interesting astronomical things to do and read? I'm the Editor in Chief for the New York City based astronomy club-Amateur Astronomers Association of New York's online newsletter/magazine! Every month we publish articles about astrophotography, astronomy, space history and more! If you're in the NJ/NY area you can visit us! The AAA has public … Continue reading Astronomy and the Skies!

As The Stars Go By Project Information

After shooting time lapses for a few years, I've settled on a favorite subject. Stars. Astronomy. Deep Space Objects. "as the stars go by" is my presentation of my on going work in astronomically themed time lapse sequences. Each year I plan to put together a summary video. 2017 is DONE! Click here to see … Continue reading As The Stars Go By Project Information

American Thanksgiving Pre-Meeting Speech….

You know it's going to happen. No one is going to agree with the politics in the US and there will be arguments. I plan on delivering this speech before the "festivities" start to avert getting involved in it.... "I'd like to make the following statement before we get into this because I know it's … Continue reading American Thanksgiving Pre-Meeting Speech….

Shrinking VirtualBox VMs Under Windows

Some times you need to reclaim space from dynamically expanding vdi images for VirtualBox. If you have a Windows guest, I've found this optional but you can try it if jumping to the actual shrinking doesn't work. Remove all unnecessary applications and files, empty the trash, etc. Do a defrag. You can use Defraggler if you … Continue reading Shrinking VirtualBox VMs Under Windows

Factory Reset Motorola/Symbol WLAN WS5000/WS5100 Switch/Controller

We have the blessing/curse of having a lot of WiFi coverage which necessitates having centrally managed Access Points (APs). To do that we're using Motorola/Symbol controllers and more recently a Ruckus Wireless system. For this article I'm resetting a Symbol branded WS5000 controller which isn't as easy as it originally looked. If you loose the … Continue reading Factory Reset Motorola/Symbol WLAN WS5000/WS5100 Switch/Controller