American Thanksgiving Pre-Meeting Speech….

You know it's going to happen. No one is going to agree with the politics in the US and there will be arguments. I plan on delivering this speech before the "festivities" start to avert getting involved in it.... "I'd like to make the following statement before we get into this because I know it's … Continue reading American Thanksgiving Pre-Meeting Speech….

Shrinking VirtualBox VMs Under Windows

Some times you need to reclaim space from dynamically expanding vdi images for VirtualBox. If you have a Windows guest, I've found this optional but you can try it if jumping to the actual shrinking doesn't work. Remove all unnecessary applications and files, empty the trash, etc. Do a defrag. You can use Defraggler if you … Continue reading Shrinking VirtualBox VMs Under Windows

Multimedia Library Server

I've always used iTunes to manage my sharing and remote playing of my media library within my home. As you no doubt know, iTunes sucks at sharing/streaming media. I used iTunes because it was the path of least resistance despite all the verbal abuse I've hurled at's bloated, slow, crashes etc...but that's a whole different article.... … Continue reading Multimedia Library Server

Some Cellular Device Terminology

Cellular devices have many numbers associated with them, especially with respect to the SIM cards. Here's a short list to keep them straight: IMEI stands for International Mobile Station Equipment Identity and is used to identify 3GPP (also known as GSM (AT&T, TMobile, UMTS and LTE devices/networks) and iDEN mobile phones, as well as some satellite phones. It is … Continue reading Some Cellular Device Terminology

Another Letter To the “Can’t Do Our Jobs” Department aka USPS

Sigh. I have to send another letter to the USPS. Why can't they just do what they are supposed to do and do it correctly? Attached to this post is a PDF sent to the Washington DC Office of Consumer Advocate and this time I've cc'd the Inspector General. Any bets on a response from … Continue reading Another Letter To the “Can’t Do Our Jobs” Department aka USPS

Strange Names for Groups of Animals

I was recently watching D-News, well, listening, and they mentioned that a group of crows are called a murder. I know many gatherings or groups of creatures have different odd names so I figured I list out the ones I know or could find for reference and trivia purposes. Here goes (some sourced from Wikipedia … Continue reading Strange Names for Groups of Animals

Dear USPS, Ever Heard of Customer SERVICE?

I didn't want to send this letter, but I've had enough of other people lying and not doing their jobs. It's 2,000+ words of hatred and aggravation directed at a time honored service. I'm posting it here because I don't think the USPS takes delivery seriously- I know they don't because you can't call them … Continue reading Dear USPS, Ever Heard of Customer SERVICE?