Multimedia Library Server

I've always used iTunes to manage my sharing and remote playing of my media library within my home. As you no doubt know, iTunes sucks at sharing/streaming media. I used iTunes because it was the path of least resistance despite all the verbal abuse I've hurled at's bloated, slow, crashes etc...but that's a whole different article.... … Continue reading Multimedia Library Server

Time Warner. If you’re not laughing yet you will be.

I wish to God Almighty I was making this up. I have NEVER in my 20+ years as a network/infrastructure engineer said this to a customer. I haven’t even considered it. It was always a joke you told colleges but never, ever said with any honesty to a customer. Time Warner said the following: “Solar … Continue reading Time Warner. If you’re not laughing yet you will be.

Not gone…just busy!

My day job got acquired in January 2013. things have been crazy, plus I started a home based business ( that is also taking lots of time. That said though, I have a few projects I hope to get written up soon and posted! Keep the emails and feedback coming! I appreciate them!

The MagPi

Looking for a good magazine about the Raspberry Pi? I recommend The MagPi. I have no affiliation. They're just a good source of articles that you can download and read in PDF format. Great for all the time I spend commuting to/from work.