Multimedia Library Server

I've always used iTunes to manage my sharing and remote playing of my media library within my home. As you no doubt know, iTunes sucks at sharing/streaming media. I used iTunes because it was the path of least resistance despite all the verbal abuse I've hurled at's bloated, slow, crashes etc...but that's a whole different article.... … Continue reading Multimedia Library Server

Auto running terminal applications (non GUI) on Raspberry PI

Setup This info will likely work for general linux as well, but my focus here is on the Pi. You can set it up directly by editing the rc.local file: sudo nano /etc/rc.local After the initial comments (lines beginning with '#') add the following lines: # Auto run our application sudo /home/pi/projects/my_project.a & "sudo" assumes … Continue reading Auto running terminal applications (non GUI) on Raspberry PI

Configure WiFi on your Pi

I'm using the "official" Wi-Pi USB WiFi dongle and need to configure it. I'm going to do it via terminal over the wired ethernet port to start with. GETTING THE NETWORK DETAILS To scan for WiFi networks, use the command sudo iwlist wlan0 scan | grep 'ESSID\|IE: IEEE' This will list all available WiFi network … Continue reading Configure WiFi on your Pi

The MagPi

Looking for a good magazine about the Raspberry Pi? I recommend The MagPi. I have no affiliation. They're just a good source of articles that you can download and read in PDF format. Great for all the time I spend commuting to/from work.

Jeff’s Raspberry Pi Setup Notes

Raspberry Pi Setup Notes These are the notes I keep for initial setups of the base Raspberry Pi Linux images.  They were collected from all over the internet and from personal experiences. If you find errors let me know. I’m always updating it so check back if you’re looking to add a feature that you … Continue reading Jeff’s Raspberry Pi Setup Notes