Enabling SNMP On CentOS / RHEL

Setting up SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) on a CentOS machine is a very quick and easy process and I often forget so here's a quickie on how. Install the SNMP daemon by running the following command: yum install net-snmp Once SNMP is installed you want to install the configuration utility. I always forget this. … Continue reading Enabling SNMP On CentOS / RHEL

Nagios Email Notifications Script (External)

This will help you setup Nagios to use SMTP for notification and includes SMTP with outgoing authentication. This process utilizes a perl script called "sendEmail.pl". 1) Download from http://caspian.dotconf.net/menu/Software/SendEmail. 2) Extract the file and copy the sendEmail into /usr/local/bin. 3) chmod +x /usr/local/bin/sendEmail.pl. Now the setup and customization of Nagios. 1) Edit /etc/nagios/private/resource.cfg - add (3) new entries. $USER5$=your_isp_email_address … Continue reading Nagios Email Notifications Script (External)